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Guided walks in beautiful, natural mountain regions of the Vermion and Pieria ranges, and also on Mt Olympus. In addition, there are guided walks in the large aquatic environments of the Axios and Aliakmon estuaries.

With Veria as the starting point, and depending on the season, getaways in nature can be combined with various other activities, such as:

-Collecting wild plants and fruits in the woods
-Swimming in crystal clear lakes
-Hunting, fishing
-Bird watching
-Barbecue or meal at a traditional taverna in the forest
-Winter sports at Winter sports Centres at Seli, 3-5 Pigadia or Elatohori.


1. Marousia - Seli
Medium difficulty walk. Duration 3-4 hours.
Begins at 1,060 metres altitude, with sparse vegetation of beech and oak.
Continues through thick beech forest, climbing to 1,350 metres.
From here, we can choose between two alternative routes towards the village of Seli. One is across an open plateau, passing through subalpine meadows, up to 1,500 metres, and the other on the edge of the beech forest with varying scenery and vegetation.
In the village of Vermion, we place bets on who will manage to hold their hand the most time under the spring in the village square and the bet will be honoured at one of the village taverns.

2. Winter sports centre – Asourbasi Peak
Medium difficulty walk. Duration 4-6 hours for the round trip.
Definitely a mountaineer’s route, the greater part of which is above the tree line. In July and August, we can try woodland berries along the way. We can also see many mountain herbs. The walk begins at around 1,500 metres and ends at 1,900. The return is via an alternative route, through green meadows with a host of wild flowers and herbs, and ends back in the village.

3. A stroll in Volada
An easy walk
Duration 1 – 2 hours.
Starting from Seli, in gently sloping meadows with springs, above the village. We can find mountain herbs and enjoy the wonderful view over the plain that stretches out below.

4. From Volada to “Michalis’ Hole”
An easy walk as far as the entrance of an impressive κάθετου cave, known as “Michalis’ Hole”.

5. Various walks in the woods at Xerolivado and Kastania
In magical surroundings, with the option of choosing from walks in the heart of the forest with gentle slopes at around 1,200 metres, to walks of medium or considerable difficulty, mountaineers’ walks of up to 1,700 metres. Literally at the heart of wild nature, with a variety of vegetation, herbs, woodland fruits, flowers and wild life.


1. Walks in Polydendri Wood
Duration 3 – 5 hours.
Relaxation and picnics in woodland meadows at an altitude of 1,000 – 1,200 metres.

2. Walks in Daskio Wood
With the option of taking a refreshing dip in the crystal waters of the Aliakmon River, having a picnic and doing some fishing!

3. Walks in Rizomata Wood
With a meal in genuinely traditional tavernas in the wood, with tastes you will never forget!

We can adapt all the walks on the mountain of the Muses to the needs of your group. They go through beautiful woods, with a variety of flora and fauna, and past viewpoints with wonderful vistas towards Olympus or the Aliakmon Straits.
What’s more, during the summer months, you will have the opportunity to try the unique tastiness of the garden produce of the residents of these mountain communities, literally in the heart of the forest!


Ascent to the refuges of the National Park and to the summits of the mountain of the gods.

Details of overnight stays and duration of excursions is subject to agreement.


If you enjoy watching the wild birds that gather in the huge aquatic biotopes, we will take you to our secret marsh, at the estuaries of the Aliakmon and Axios Rivers.

An experienced birdwatcher and wildlife expert will reveal to you the wild secrets that the river hides at its estuaries. You must bring binoculars and a camera with you!

The purchase of organic garden produce at our farm

During the summer months, up till September, we can combine our excursion with a visit to our biological farm, where you can buy organic garden produce and eggs at unbelievably low prices!


The walks described above are indicative. There are a host of diverse walks that we can plan together upon prior arrangement in order to tailor them exactly to your capabilities and requirements. This is because it is our belief that everyone can enjoy nature as long as they can do what they enjoy and not be obliged to stick to a strict itinerary.

If you should so wish, these can include excursions with overnight stays in natural surroundings, at mountain refuges or rented rooms.

All our excursions into nature can be organized year-round and, depending on the season, can be combined with seasonal activities (e.g. skiing)

Your guide is experienced and can give you information on many varied questions which will come up during your expedition into nature, such as:

-Information about woodland fruits
-Processing and preserving of woodland fruits and herbs and other plants, etc.

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