Our Team

  • Mary Nazlidou

    Mary Nazlidou was born in Veria and grew up there. She studied Economics at Aristotle University, Thessaloniki and subsequently worked for the Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation (OTE). For the past 22 years, from her headquarters in the historic region of Aiges (Vergina), she has been organising creative Art and Culture Festival events and presentations.
  • Haroula Ousoultzoglou-Georgiadi

    Haroula Ousoultzoglou-Georgiadi grew up in Veria. She studied journalism and has been involved in all its aspects, the press, radio and television. She served the Municipality of Veria for 16 years, 8 as a member of the Municipal Council and 8 as Mayor of Veria, until 2014. She has represented Greece, as leader of the Greek Delegation, at the European Council's Local Government Congress. She served as President for the European Network of Greek Journalists and as Vice President of the European Social Network ELISAN.
  • Fotis Argyriou

    Fotis Argyriou studied wildlife management. He has a passionate love of nature and ecology and participates in corresponding Movements developing volunteer action in collaboration with national and international bodies. A considerable amount of his time is taken up with finding the locations of wild fruits and herbs and recording them in detail.
  • Evi Mesca

    Evi Mesca speaks English and Italian and specialises in promoting regional tourism as well as the promotion of local produce with special programmes organised by the Municipality of Veria.
  • Jordan Panagiotidis

    Jordan Panagiotidis studied History at the Ionian University, Corfu, and having been awarded a scholarship by the Institute of Mediterranean Studies, completed his post-graduate studies in Ottoman History at the Bosporus University, in the School of History and optimised his knowledge of the Turkish language at TOMER university, Istanbul.
  • Jean Vinten-Iossifidis

    JEAN VINTEN-IOSSIFIDIS has been teaching EFL for over thirty years and has been working in EFL publishing as an author/editor since 2007. She has also translated tourist leaflets, references, personal statements and graduate theses and taken part in seminars and presentations as interpreter and translator. She holds B.A. and P.G.C.E. degrees from London University, and the U.C.L.E.S. DELTA Diploma. In addition to conventional teaching, she has enjoyed bringing English language, customs and culture alive, alternative organising UK trips, creating a students' drama club, as well as teaching English folk dancing.
  • Dimitris Kakaiannis

    Dimitris Kakaiannis was born in 1976 and lives in Palatitsia, Imathia, the historic village which is the site of Ancient Aigai. I am a licensed tour guide and graduated from the school of History and Archaeology of the University of Ioannina.

    I was appointed by the Ministry of Culture to work at the archaeological site at Vergina and now I am using this experience and the knowledge acquired from my studies to give guided tours to visitors.

    Apart from Greek, my native language, I also speak English and German. It will be a pleasure to show you around our historic site.